Shiladitya Sircar

Vice President, Secure Messaging & Enterprise Identity


Biographie disponible en anglais uniquement.

Mr Sircar, heads secure communication platform and enterprise identity at BlackBerry. He spends most of this time on elements of intelligent security, data privacy, contextual and risk based authentication of enterprise systems. Shil has spent last 10 years at BlackBerry driving many of its software application and services initiatives. Most notably, growing BBM to scale and finally licensing the technology.

Prior to BlackBerry he has worked mostly on telecommunication industry focusing on cryptography and digital signal processing.

He holds many patents and publications in mobile messaging, encryption and security, satellite radar interferometry. He has a bachelors and master in electrical engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Outside of work he is a pilot and an avid aviation enthusiast who likes to visit remote airports and take pictures.



06/11/2019 15.20 - 17.00

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