Walter Knitl

CEO, Praxiem

Chief Business Development Officer, IoT613

Biographie disponible en anglais uniquement.

Walter is CEO and principal consultant at Praxiem and the Chief Business Development Officer at IoT613.

At Praxiem, Walter provides consulting in areas of market research, commercialization, and business development, with special focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). His recent work includes a report on Canada-wide IoT ecosystem aimed at growing Canada’s IoT export and a report on a regional IoT ecosystem aimed at attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

Walter is a co-creator and instructor of a digital literacy workshop based on IoT and Design Thinking, and a frequent speaker on IoT covering architecture, vertical solutions and social impacts of IoT.

At IoT613, Walter co-founded and co-produces the annual IoT613 Internet of Things conference to advance learning, interaction, and connection within the Internet of Things community. This includes program creation, recruiting speakers and sponsors, and hosting and emceeing program segments. His forte is creating IoT discussion panels such as Social Impacts of IoT and IoT in Canada and hosting the business of IoT workshops.

Walter has an extensive background in the ICT sector, including roles in R&D, standards development, and Product Management. This has spawned a deep interest in the interplay and coexistence of technology, social innovation, and related governance, expressed in several articles.



06/11/2019 15.20 - 17.00

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