Cloud Migration powered by DevOps (1/2)

05/11/2019 09.00 - 10.30

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The fundamentals:
How to view a cloud migration – the opportunities
What are we trying to improve?
How do we know how to improve it?
How do we know we did improve it?

The Reality
Migrations in Hybrid Multi-Cloud World
-The lure and gravity of “All-In”
-How to own your destiny and still save time and money

Changes in thinking – DevOps Transformation
-Waterfall to Agile to DevOps
-Realms of DevOps

The Cloud Landscape for the Government of Canada
-Hyperscalers play for Canada

Key Areas for Technical UpSkilling
-Infrastructure-as-code, configuration management, secrets management, containers, DevOps monitoring, CI/CD, DevNetOps

An overview of Open Source projects that help you control cost and destiny

The Practice
Six Stages of Cloud Migration

1. Discovery

2. Assess Business Value and Risk

3. Plan
-6 strategies for application migration
-Cloud Models of ReHosting or ReFactoring
-Cloud Native vs Cloud Vendor Native)

4. Design
-Infrastructure As Code
-Configuration Management

5. Execute
-Execute the automation, migrate the data and switch over

6. Operate
-Traditional lifecycle management transitions to continuous lifecycle management in the cloud

The Demo
The Ease of Migration and Enhanced Security of Public Cloud Operations.
Characteristics of applications and related operations before and after migration: what changes? What improves? What do you get for free? What do you need to do even better than ever?

Frictionless work is powerful but a slippery slope!

Shlomo Swidler
Tracy Miranda
Tracy Miranda
Director of Open Source CommunityCloudBees
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed
Lead Cloud ArchitectCloudOps
Ian Rae
Founder and CEOCloudOps