Containers and Kubernetes at Scale (1/2)

05/11/2019 13.30 - 15.00

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Part 1: IBM’s Kubernetes Journey, and Kubernetes Best Practices

IBM Cloud has made a massive shift to Kubernetes. From an initial plan for a public cloud Containers-as-a-Service offering it has snowballed to many thousands of production Kubernetes clusters running across 60 data centers around the globe, hosting 90% of the PaaS and SaaS services offered by IBM Cloud.

Daniel Berg will share insights into some early decisions IBM made and the challenges that were overcome, and discuss Kubernetes Best Practices for the enterprise.

Part 2:  Red Hat Openshift – The Benefits of moving from VMs to Containers at Scale 

Shifting from VMs to containers can seem daunting, but the benefits are real – but enabling containers is more than just downloading Kubernetes.

After moving to containerized deployments, as code changes pass testing, they can be released as independent updates in their own containers. Each containerized function can scale to address performance bottlenecks or reside on different infrastructures that support specialized services.

Join Red Hat for an overview discussion of how OpenShift enables these benefits – and bring your laptop to!

Daniel Berg
Daniel Berg
Distinguished EngineerIBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
Andrew Pitt
Andrew Pitt
Solutions ArchitectRed Hat
Michele Lajeunesse
Director, Cloud Solutions IBM Canada