Digital Adoption—For The Record

07/11/2019 13.30 - 14.10

IntermediateBlue stageBreakout session

The GC transformation agenda is changing how the public service accounts for its activities. Previously, GC services and decisions were simply documents—many of them paper. Now, digital, with its focus on service delivery and user experience, has shifted the discussion away from documents and its organizational context towards capturing data and its transactional context.

But … where did the record go?

When information is stored as data, rather than a simple record, there’s nothing to grab onto. While the data is searchable, shareable, and indexable, it lacks a sense of whole. Could it be that the absence of records as part of the digital discussion is hurting digital adoption? Is a lack of a central record making public sector employees hesitant to move from the traditional, document-centric worldview to a more useful—but less tangible—perspective?

Join Trevor to explore the idea of what a record means to employees, and how it can be a means to supporting end user adoption towards a more modern processes and platforms.

Trevor Banks
Trevor Banks
Creative Change AgentBanks Change Management