Diversity – The Key to Getting AI Right for All (1/3)

07/11/2019 11.50 - 12.30

Workshop Track EHorticulture Yellow stageWorkshop

Part 1:  Diversity in AI means representing all – Attracting, hiring and retaining a diverse team to deliver AI solutions that work for everyone (40 minutes)

AI-driven solutions for government must be delivered by a diverse team in order to include all citizens.  How can you attract, hire and retain diverse talent in order to achieve this goal?  Microsoft’s mission, “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”, means we rely on a highly diverse workforce in order to innovate for all.  We’ll share Microsoft’s approach to diversity hiring, inclusive culture, our progress and where we recognize more effort is required to improve.  We’ll also discuss how AI is used to measure our progress internally, and help us better understand and remove barriers to diversity.

Lisa Carroll
Canadian Public Sector LeadMicrosoft Canada
Pauline Martin
Industry Executive, Government Microsoft Canada
Christiane Coda
Digital AdvisorMicrosoft Canada