Diversity – The Key to Getting AI Right for All (2/3)

07/11/2019 13.30 - 14.10

Workshop Track EHorticulture Yellow stageWorkshop

Part 2:  Invest in yourself!   Diversity in AI means everybody participates – “Tech Intensity” prepares your whole organization to deliver (40 minutes)

Successful AI is delivered by multi-function teams, not only IT.  We’ll discuss a “growth mindset” culture and why it’s important for everyone to learn so you can fully participate in delivery of AI for Government.  We’ll share highlights of AI Business School for Government and facilitate a roundtable discussion on one of the modules so you’ll be ready to continue your learning journey.

Lisa Carroll
Canadian Public Sector LeadMicrosoft Canada
Pauline Martin
Industry Executive, Government Microsoft Canada
Christiane Coda
Digital AdvisorMicrosoft Canada