Journey to #GCWorkplace

05/11/2019 11.30 - 12.00

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In this age of rapid disruption, Canadian government organizations have taken big strides to implement digital transformations in order to better serve the public. But to create fundamental change, these transformations must also encompass their people and culture. New insights from PwC Canada’s Digital IQ Survey reveal that Canadian executives struggle to connect the dots between citizen experience (CX) and employee experience (EX). So, to meet the demands of modern Canada, the Government of Canada has started doing things differently. They have introduced the GCWorkplace – created by GC employees, for employees. And it’s ready for the future.

The GCworkplace is about building and designing spaces around the way GC employees want to work. It is also an attractive and empowering workplace for the new generation of public service – with evolving working styles and changing needs. This initiative spans everything from updating physical locations and technology to creating a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and sustainability. Moving beyond the open-office concept of Workplace 2.0, the GCWorkplace vision is enabled by the Activity-Based Workplace design concept and features a variety of workpoints that are designed with productivity in mind to deliver services to Canadians in a powerful way.

So why should public sector organizations invest in the GCWorkplace initiative?

The public service needs renewal in order to meet the needs of Canada – now and in the future. It will also help exceed the outcomes of Blueprint 2020 and Beyond 2020 with GC employees leading the charge.

In a discussion about the importance of keeping employee needs at the heart of a workplace transformation, we’re joined by Sonia Powell, Director General for Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Real Property Services Workplace Solutions whose team lead this vision to achieve an improved employee experience to create value for citizens. Sonia is responsible for the delivery of the $185M annual fit-up program and for modernizing the Government of Canada workplace under the Government of Canada Workplace Fit-up Standards. She is also joined by Susan Sharp, Partner in Digital Experience and Innovation at PwC Canada to discuss how PwC worked with Sonia’s team to apply their BXT (business, experience, technology) methodology to help this transformation come to life.

Susan Sharp
Susan Sharp
Partner, Digital Experience & Innovation Consulting PwC Canada
Sonia Powell
Sonia Powell
Director General, Real Property Service’s Workplace Solutions Service LinePublic Services and Procurement Canada