The Adaptive Strategy Game (2/3)

06/11/2019 13.30 - 14.10

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This workshop is designed for anyone interested in “getting things done” inside their organizations. If you are frustrated with the pace of change, or feel your organization can’t keep pace. If you feel threatened by the plethora of technology, the constant barrage of cyber threats, or the inability of policy to keep pace with digital – then this workshop is a good fit.

Most Agile approaches are IT-based, and focused on “execution”, and most Agile Teams are constrained by organizational governance models and a lack of organizational clarity on vision and the team’s role within that vision.

The Adaptive Strategy Game is focused on Lean Agile Strategy. Lean Agile Strategy (LAS) enables your execution teams to co-create a shared strategic understanding or “context” that enables teams and organization-wide collaboration. LAS is the Agile compliment of traditional strategic planning and is designed to engage your organization’s highest executive levels to the teams and people that do the work.

This highly interactive workshop will explain what LAS is? Why its important? What your contribution is – no matter what your role is in the organization. And, and at a conceptual level – how to implement it in your organization.

For Agile practitioners – LAS will show you how to identify, and overcome organization constraints that are imposed by “command and control” governance approaches. In short – LAS will enable Agile teams

For Executives – this workshop provides a clear and practical approach draw from real implementations that illustrate how to truly enablement your teams, and how to get your organization purposed defined, focused and inspired around practical, measurable realistic outcomes.

This course is not technical. In fact, it is designed for anyone in the organization, including executives and staff from line of business (program areas), HR, Finance, and IT, that truly want to get “stuff” done.

Dan Murphy
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Larry Cooper
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