The Basics of Writing Effective Digital Policies: A workshop for people who draft rules (1/2)

05/11/2019 09.00 - 10.30

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To regulate employee and client behaviour in a digital environment, organizations produce Policies and Directives setting out new rules. Too often, though, these documents are so long and confusing that no one reads them, and they are often written in a way that sounds like angry parents yelling at naughty children. Getting compliance under these conditions is an uphill battle. The challenge is especially acute for subject matter experts who have never been formally trained in policy writing.

In this half-day workshop, policy writers will learn how to draft policy instruments quickly, easily, and raising fewer objections. The results will be rules that are clear, succinct, and respectful, inviting compliance rather than impeding it.

Lewis S Eisen
Lewis S Eisen
Speaker • Consultant • Author