The Emergence of Emerging Tech

07/11/2019 14.15 - 14.55

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Trust has been labelled as the new currency that drives businesses, industries, and economies of the world. Industries have been transformed and unprecedented technological advancements have been made just to reinforce this currency – trust; trust for customers that their assets and investments are being managed with utmost responsibility and care. In that wake, what asset is more valuable to reinforce trust for, than the one that saves lives – blood.

Blockchain has been transforming many industries to modernize operations with a focus on reinforcing the most valuable currency in this age – trust. By bringing transparency and immutability to these value chains, blockchain has evolved these sectors. One of the value chains that was still a little distant from this emerging and exciting technology is perhaps the most important and precious of all – blood; a value chain that saves lives, powers research that helps in developing cures, and builds on one of the most personal forms of donation.

Realizing that these technologies have the potential to impact the blood operations of the world, we truly believe that every life is valuable, and every drop of blood is precious.

Warren Tomlin