Janice Cudlip

Strategist and Community Builder with the Policy Community Partnership Office

Canada’s Federal Public Service

Janice has enjoyed a number of challenging roles in her 15 year career in the Public Service. All of them have in some way been linked to employee learning and development, organizational learning, collaboration and community building. Janice is an incurable optimist and pursues objectives with openness and creativity. She’s passionate about playful approaches for high impact learning for adults. Her current focus for the Policy Community is co-creating supports for institutionalizing storytelling to evolve policy practice, public service-wide.

Current mantra: why compete when you can collaborate.


Driving curiosity as a mindset: Apolitical and Canada's Policy Community SSO

06/11/2019 14.15 - 14.55

IntermediateBlue stageBreakout session

This interactive session invites the audience to consider their inputs for inspiration, and how they might tap into local and global insights to boost their problem-solving practice.