Katy Lalonde


Ontario Digital Service/Government of Ontario

Katy is a Director and founding member for the Ontario Digital Service, the Province of Ontario’s digital service organization dedicated to driving digital acceleration in government. Katy’s focus is on creating the conditions for digital teams to be successful and building an inclusive, supportive organization.

She has been in the Ontario Public Service for 10 years, including as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Digital and Data Officer, as well as roles at Treasury Board Secretary developing I+IT strategies and technology policies with a focus on open source software and technology risk management.


Failing FWD: lessons in building digital teams and products

07/11/2019 13.30 - 14.10

ExpertBlack stageBreakout session

At the core of an agile practice is developing hypotheses and testing them in the real world. This means you will fail, hopefully early and not too often. Digital service organizations need to embrace failure in their work like they do in their product design. More broadly, the current global trend towards agile, user centered design in government services presents an unparalleled opportunity to...