Kim Ennis

Program Manager, Service Improvement, Service Transformation

City of Ottawa

Kim Ennis has over 30 years working in municipal government (City of Ottawa) from front-line to service design roles. She’s part of a City of Ottawa Service Transformation team that is responsible for Ottawa’s Smart City Strategy, Smart City 2.0. As part of this mandate, Kim and her colleagues in Service Transformation use innovative service delivery models, technology
solutions, and partnerships to provide residents and businesses with a client experience that is personalized, customized and in context.


City of Ottawa’s innovation blueprint

06/11/2019 11.50 - 12.30

Industry innovationsRed stagePresentation

Innovation has become a necessary ingredient to staying ahead of the curve, delivering on rapidly changing customer needs and increasing market share. But in the public sector, it takes a spark to ignite innovation and so much more to keep it burning. There’s no shortage of strong intentions and good ideas when it comes to innovation, but what’s often lacking is the capability, capacity and...