Kowsi Murugapoopathy

Technical Solution Architect


Currently working as a Technical Partner Manager for Lixar.

I have 7 years of experience in the IT industry. Previously worked as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at the Bank of Montreal. At BMO I was under the Technology Integration Engineer umbrella and we were tasked to build a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Platform using VMWare vCenter (on-premises), AWS and Azure. My responsibilities included defining cloud security patterns/best practices enabling development teams to easily consume Cloud resources, modernizing current on-prem workloads leveraging the benefits Cloud has to offer in serverless technology and managed services.

I also worked a lot on developing DevOps tooling such as CI/CD pipeline for application stack and image distribution, IaaS using Terraform, and orchestration/provisioning using Ansible.


Diversity – The Key to Getting AI Right for All (3/3)

07/11/2019 14.15 - 14.55

Workshop Track EHorticulture Yellow stageWorkshop

Part 3:  Hands On!  Empowering yourself with Data and AI (40 minutes)

We’ll show you how to accelerate your path with Lixar AI and Azure DataBricks, sharing the benefits through a hands-on lab.   Let’s set up an environment where you become the hero & then we’ll empower your teams with PowerBI driven from a modern data pipeline.  You’ll see some additional...