Margaret Dawson

Vice President, Portfolio Product Marketing

Red Hat

Margaret is an acclaimed author and speaker on digital disruption, emerging technologies, open source, cloud computing, and women in leadership. Ranked as one of the top Women in Cloud Computing, she was also named Business Role Model of the Year for Women in IT, and Mentor and Coach of the Year in the Stevie Business Awards.

As a start-up executive, Margaret’s creative leadership and integrated marketing strategies built bigger than reality brands that resulted in several successful acquisitions. In leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, she used her intrapreneurship and collaborative management to drive new global initiatives, including cloud at HP, security at Microsoft, international e-commerce at, and portfolio product strategy at Red Hat.

In all her roles, she established differentiated messaging platforms and go-to-market programs for executives, products and companies that broke through crowded markets and drove category share and revenue growth. Margaret is passionate about Lean principles and has built Agile methodologies into the discipline of product marketing.

Margaret has worked and traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, and North America. She is an advisor to multiple cloud and technology organizations as well as many early-stage companies and CEOs.


Open compute, open source, open data, and the battle for digital sovereignty

06/11/2019 13.30 - 14.10

ExpertBlack stageBreakout session

The Open Source movement promised free, open, editable software. But that movement didn’t anticipate the rise of for-profit services built atop such free tools. Today, you’re more likely to use open source code as part of a paid service than you are to use open source products on your own machines.
That’s a problem. Because when you lose the right to edit code, you give up...


06/11/2019 15.20 - 17.00

CirclesquareGreen stageInteractive session

We surveyed people to find the critical technologies and departments. And we chose these to create four concurrent half-hour discussions, four times over. It’s a choreographed dance of experts, ideas, and disruption.

The Killer App in Digital Transformation is Human Connection

07/11/2019 10.15 - 10.35

KeynoteGreen stageKeynote

Becoming a digital government is no longer an option. This is why governments are throwing trillions of dollars at new technologies, in order to build and deliver new digital-native experiences for our ministries, agencies, and constituencies. Accordingly, we’ve seen the massive rise of cloud computing, open source technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and many other innovations....