Rainhard Fuchs

International Relations

Austrian Digitalisation Agency

Rainhard is leading international relations at the Austrian Digitalisation Agency, as well as serves as main contact person for digital government projects within the agency. Among others he is responsible for Europe’s first accelerator, targeting traditional SMEs in their digital transformation process.

Previously, he was heading the public sector, as well as the GovTech-initiatives at Pioneers.io where he brought startup-innovation into the public sector. He co-organized Pioneers Asia in Tokyo, as well as GovTech.Pioneers18, the continent’s first major full-day event focused on startup-driven innovation in the public sector and hosted several ecosystem events across America, Asia and Europe.


Ten Rules to Keep the Momentum of an Agency in an Era of Rapid Government Transition

07/11/2019 11.50 - 12.30

ExpertBlack stageBreakout session

Government changes are inevitable in a democratic system. Hence, it is crucial for public sector agencies to adapt to reshufflements, but still keep all eyes on delivering value to the citizens. Based on the recent history within the federal government, Rainhard will talk about golden rules during hard times and how to keep motivation and projects within a digitalisation agency on track. Furthermore,...