Yantisa Akhadi

Country Manager - Indonesia

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Yantisa Akhadi is Country Manager for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), a non-profit organization that focuses on the use of OpenStreetMap and open source technology in the humanitarian and economic development sector. He oversees all of HOT project within Indonesia and regionally since 2013, managing more than 50 staff on multi-years projects in the area of disaster preparedness.

Prior to HOT, Yantisa has joined UNDP since 2006 in a various information management position for different phases of disaster. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering from Universitas Islam Indonesia and a Master’s degree in Spatial Information Science from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Yantisa is a strong proponent of open data and the free and open-source movement. Currently, he is a voting member of HOT and OpenStreetMap Foundation.


Open compute, open source, open data, and the battle for digital sovereignty

06/11/2019 13.30 - 14.10

ExpertBlack stageBreakout session

The Open Source movement promised free, open, editable software. But that movement didn’t anticipate the rise of for-profit services built atop such free tools. Today, you’re more likely to use open source code as part of a paid service than you are to use open source products on your own machines.
That’s a problem. Because when you lose the right to edit code, you give up...