Zahra Merchant

Director – Service Management Office

Bank of Canada

Zahra is a strategic Service Management leader with a track record of improving corporate performance and creating efficiencies through leadership of service design, process improvement and optimization efforts.

She has used her expertise in understanding business needs and goals to improve services and processes at various organizations over the past 24 years.  She has established several service and process governance structures with measurable improvements that are aligned with business goals.

Zahra is passionate about all aspects of service management, particularly the client experience and ensuring that service relationships deliver value to the client.


Zero to Sixty: Transforming Central Bank Service Management

06/11/2019 14.15 - 14.55

Industry innovationsRed stageBreakout session

The Bank of Canada launched a Service Management Office, aimed at improving service delivery to its stakeholders, as part of a multi-year digital transformation initiative.

In this session, Zahra Merchant details how the central bank launched a widespread service delivery initiative—still underway—and forever changed how its IT organization would work.